Affidavit for pharmacist | Affidavit for medical store |

Affidavit for pharmacist | Affidavit for medical store | 

AFFIDAVIT (Pharmacist)

I, _________________________________, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under :-

1.      That I have never been convicted by any Court of India under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act-1940 and Rules 1945 framed there under.

2.   That I have joined as Regd. Pharmacist at the firm ________________________, as whole time basis on salary of Rs.8,000/- per month.

3.      That I had never been proprietor or active or sleeping partner at any such firm wholesale retail sale drugs license had ever been cancelled by the licensing authority for any reason whatsoever.

4.  That I have passed Degree in pharmacy from Haryana State Pharmacy Council, Panchkula and I am regd. Pharmacist from Haryana State Pharmacy council vide Regn. No. _______________, my registration is renewed upto date.

5.     That I will renew my Reg. Certificate from HSPC every 5 years and will submit the proof of the same every 5 years to the Drugs Dept.

6.     That I will not work at any other firm/any institute in any capacity during my services with this firm.

7.    That I am not a student of any educational institute.

8.   That all particular’s of my said qualifications and registration are true on the basis of documents and certificates possess and submitted by me and the same are genuine and not bogus false forged.

9.  That I shall comply with the provisions rules, regulations, conditions of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act-1940 & Rules 1945, framed there under for the time being in force or are amended from time to time under the said Act and Rules.

10.       That in case I resignation from the said firm, I will give written information to the drugs Dept. with the consent of Prop. of the firm three months before.

11.       That at present I am residing at _______________________.

12.       That I will attend the firm regularly as whole time from my said residence which is 2 kilometer from my residence.



         Verified that the contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein.

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