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Hello friends before knowing about the all sections of IPC, here I will introduce to you that What is IPC (Indian Penal Code) and when it come in existence.


What is IPC ?


IPC refers to Indian Penal Code. This law was passed in the year 1860. It tells us what is the crime committed by the offender and how much punishment/penalty is prescribed for it. In Urdu the IPC is also called as Taj-Irat-E-Hind. You have often seen in the movies that when a judge in a court sentences a criminal, he says that (Dafa 302 ke tahat muljim ko fansi ki saja dee jaati hai) or  the death sentence is given under the Taj-irat-e-Hind 302, it is nothing but the Indian Penal Code and Dafa means Dhara or Seksan. 


In total there are 511 Sections and 23 chapters in the IPC i.e. the IPC is divided into a total of 23 chapters. The IPC is the world's largest criminal collection, that is, there is no other criminal law in the country larger than I.P.C. This is applicable in the entire country except Kashmir.


If we try to understand the IPC through example, then the IPC itself will determine whether an incident is theft, loot or robbery, suppose if two people break into someone's house at night no matter how much cash, jewelry or other, they taken away it will be called theft and if two persons take cash, jewelry or other valuables from the house by showing weapons and intimidating the members of the house on the basis of illegal weapon, then it will be called loot and assume that if the same incident is done by 5 persons, it would be robbery, because five or more persons are written in the definition of robbery in the IPC.  In the IPC itself, there is also a provision for imprisonment/punishment and fine for different period for theft, loot and robbery.


IPC is divided into 23 chapters.


IPC Chapter 1 –     Introduction. (Section 1 to 5)


IPC Chapter 2 –   General Explanation (Section 6 to 52)


IPC Chapter 3-    Of Punishments ( Sections 53 to 75)


IPC Chapter 4-     General Exceptions of the Right of Private

                              Defense (Sections 76 to 106)


IPC Chapter 5-    Of abetment/Incitation (Sections 107 to 120)


IPC Chapter 5A- Criminal Conspiracy/deception(Sec.120-A to120B)


IPC Chapter 6-    Of offences against State (Sec. 121 to 130)


IPC Chapter 7-     Of offences relating to Army, Navy & Force.

                            (Sec. 131 to 140)


IPC Chapter 8-    Of offences against the public peace/tranquility

                            (Sections 141 to 160)


IPC Chapter 9-    Of offence by by or relating to public servant.

                            (Sections 161 to 171) 


IPC Chapter 9A-  Of Offences Relating to Elections. (Sec. 171-1 to 171-I)


IPC Chapter 10-   Of contempts of lawful authority of public servants.

                               (Sections 172 to 190)


IPC Chapter 11-   Of false evidence and offence against public justice.

                              (Sections 191 to 229)


IPC Chapter 12-  Of offences related to coin and Govt. Stamps.

                            (Sections 230 to 263)


IPC Chapter 13- Of offences related to Weight and measures.

                              (Sections 264 to 267)


IPC Chapter 14-  Of offences affecting/simulating the public health-safety-

                            convenience, decency-morals. (Sec. 268 to 294)


IPC Chapter 15-  Of offences relating to Relegion/divinity. (Sec. 295 to 298)


IPC Chapter 16-    Of offences affecting the Human Body i.e Murder, Homicide,

                              Causing Miscarriage, injuries to unborn children, causing hurt

                              Wrongful confinement, Assault, Kidnapping, abduction, Slavery,

                              Sexual offence like rape and sodomy.

                              (Sections 299 to 377)


IPC Chapter 17-  Of offences against the property i.e Theft, Extortion, Robbery,

                             Criminal Misappropriation of property, Crml. Breach of trust,

                            Receiving of Stolen Property, Cheating, Fraudulent Deeds of

                            property, Mischief, Criminal Trespassing.

                              (Sections 378 to 462)


IPC Chapter 18- Offences relating to Document and Property Marks.

                               (Sections 463 to 489)


IPC Chapter 19-  Offences in criminal breach of contract of services.

                              (Sections 489 to 492)


IPC Chapter 20- Offences related to marriages.

                              (Sections 493 to 498)


IPC Chapter 20A-  Cruelty by Husband or relative of husband.

                     (Section 498-A IPC)


IPC Chapter 21-   Of defamation. (Sections 499 to 502)


IPC Chapter 22-   criminal intimidation, insult and annoyance.

                            (Section 503 to 510)


IPC Chapter 23- Attempts to commit offences. (Sec. 511)



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