Simple bail application in 174-A IPC



IN THE COURT OF __________________________

        In the matter of: -


State                  Versus             Ramesh 


FIR No. : ________           

Under Section :174-A IPC

Police Station:  ______  

Next date : ___________




         The applicant most respectfully prayed as under:-


1-   That the above noted case is pending before this Hon’ble court and is fixed for today.

2-   That earlier bail application was withdrawn on dated 16-07-2011 and on 03-08-2011.

3-   That the applicant /accused could not attend the Hon’ble court because no any Notice, summon or intimation was received by the applicant/accused in another case. So the applicant/accused was declared the applicant as P.O. by the Illaka Magistrate,

4- That the applicant/accused was taken into the custody by the said police on 29-06-2011 in the above noted case and since then he is in District Jail ___________.

5-    That the applicant/accused is respectable person of the society so there is no chance of his absconding. 

6-    That the applicant is ready to furnish his fresh and sound surety to the satisfaction of this Hon’ble court.  

7-    That the applicant undertakes to attend the Hon’ble court on each and every dates of hearing.

8-    That the trial of the case will take a long time and no useful purpose can be served by detaining him in the custody.

9-    That the applicant has already been granted bail in the main case by the learned ACJM ___________. 


         It is, therefore, prayed that the applicant /accused may kindly be released on bail till the final decision of the case in the interest of justice.

Dated                                                                                                                          Applicant/Accused


                    Through counsel

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