Bail application | Simple bail application


In the Hon’ble  Court of JMIC _______________

                        State          versus              



P.S :-   

Application for bail.


The applicant/accused respectfully submits as under: -

  1. That the applicant/accused has been falsely implicated in above noted case by the local police of P.S __________ and allegations against the applicant/accused in the above noted FIR  are absolutely false, frivolous and concocted one. 
  2. That the applicant/accused is quite innocent person and he has not committed any offence as alleged in above referred complaint.
  3. That the custodial interrogation of the applicant/accused is not at all required in the present case and there is nothing to recovered from the applicant/accused.
  4. That the applicant will not tamper with complainant witnesses.
  5. That the applicant/accused is respectable persons of the village and he is not a previous convict and hence, there is no chance of their absconding or jumping bail.
  6. That the applicant/accused undertakes to appear on each and every date of hearing before this Hon’ble Court and he is ready to furnish their bail bond and surety bond to the satisfaction of this Hon’ble Court.
  7. That the applicant/accused will not abuse the concession of bail and he will abide by all terms and conditions to be imposed by this Hon’ble Court after releasing the applicant/accused on bail.

Prayer :- 

                     It is, therefore, prayed to this Hon’ble Court that the present bail application of the applicant/accused may kindly be accepted and he may kindly be released on bail till the final decision of the case, in the larger interest of justice.

Dated : 


Through counsel 


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