legal notice for recovery of money for goods supplied

legal notice for recovery of money for goods supplied | Legal notice for non payment of dues | legal notice for non payment of bill.

Name of Advocate                                                                    Mob. No.

Seat No.

Distt. Courts ________.


Ref. No….                                                                      Dated

                              Registered A.D


                   LEGAL NOTICE


M/S ABC Pvt. Ltd.

Office Address :  

Through its Director

           Dear Sir,

             Under instruction and on behalf of my client M/S ABC TRADING COMPANY, ________________ through its Proprietor _______________, I do hereby serve you with the following legal  Notice: -

1-    That my client is a proprietorship firm under the name and style of M/S ABC TRADING COMPANY, ____________________________.

2-       That my client is engaged in the business of trading of all types of Plastic Crates, Bins & Fabrication etc.

3-       That you the Noticee contacted my client for purchase for similar kind of items and as per your confirmed order my client has supplied you the ordered items vide Invoice No. 307 dated 28-01-2012, Invoice No. 33 received by you on 17-05-2012, Invoice No. 252 received by you on 22-02-2013 Invoice No. 257 March, 2013, Invoice No. 258 received by you on 02-03-2013, Invoice No. 154 dated 13-03-2013, Invoice No. 266 received by you on 29-03-2013, Invoice No. 26 dated 19-04-2013 Invoice No. 15 dated 19-04-2013  received by you on 27-04-2013, Invoice No. 14 received by you on 20-04-2013 Invoice No. 11 received by you on 15-04-2013, Invoice No. 10 received by you on 15-04-2013, Invoice No. 7 received by you on 11-04-2013, Invoice No. 6 received by you on 09-04-2013, Invoice No. 01 received by you on 02-04-2013, Invoice No. 207 received by you on 01-02-2012, Invoice No. 30 received by you on 17-05-2012.

4-       That as per the statement of account of my client firm for the period w.e.f. 1st April, 2013 to 20th June, 2013 the total amount of Rs.3,04,134.45 Rs.  is outstanding against you the Noticees.

5-       That my client requested you several times to make the payment of Rs.3,04,134.45 Rs.  but you avoided to the legitimate request of my client on one pretext or the other and finally on 30-12-2014 you have flatly refused to make the payment of Rs.3,04,134.45 Ps.  to my client. Thus you have caused wrongful and unlawful loss to my client and taken wrongful and unlawful gain for yourself. In this way you have committed the act of cheating, fraud, criminal breach of trust and deception with my said client.

6-      That my client is entitled to recover the amount of Rs.3,04,134.45 Ps. alongwith interest @ 18% per annum from the date of due till the date of realization of the said amount from you.

              I, therefore, through this Legal Notice lastly and finally call upon you make the payment of Rs.3,04,134.45 Ps.   (Rupees Three Lacs Four thousand one hundred thirty four and paise forty five only)  alongwith interest @ 18% per annum to my client and also pay Rs. 11000/- as cost of this legal notice, within the period of 15 days from the date of receiving of this legal Notice, failing which client has given me clear instructions to file civil, criminal, suit for recovery and other misc. proceedings against you in the competent court of law and in that event you shall be fully responsible for all costs, risks and consequences thereof.

A copy of this legal Notice has been retained in my office for ready reference.

                                                                                                XYZ Advocate       



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  4. Great post . detailing will useful but here it is simple process for legal notice for recovery of money

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