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Rent Agreement 

This deed of Agreement has been executed at ___ today i.e. 06-03-2019.

 Between :-


Smt. ______ wife of Sh. Netram, resident of _________, (hereinafter called the First Party/Owner of property).


Sh. Ravinder Kaushik son of ___________, resident of ______________ (hereinafter called the Second Party/Tenant).


Whereas the First Party is the owner in possession of a House, situated at ____________. The first party being the owner in possession of the said House is fully competent to execute this deed of agreement.

Whereas the Second party approached the First party to let out the above said House without any construction over it and the first party agreed for the same on the following terms and conditions:-


1. That the monthly rent of the tenanted house has been agreed and decided by the parties @ Rs. 8,000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand only) per month for the period of 11 months, whereas this agreement shall be commenced w.e.f. 06-03-2019 to 06-02-2020 i.e. for 11 months only, excluding electricity and other charges which shall be paid by the tenant as per the consumption and use.

2. That the agreed rent shall be paid by the tenant to the first party in advance on or before 07th of each calendar month.

3. That it has been agreed by the parties that the second party has no concern in any manner with the construction over the said House.

4.That the second party will use the House for the purpose of residence only and he will not use the tenanted House for any other purpose in any manner whatsoever during the tenancy period.

5. That during the tenancy period the tenant would not sub let or make any addition or alternations in the House without the written consent of the owner of House and will keep the tenanted House in good condition.

6. That the Second party/tenant will abide all the rules and regulations of M.C _________, pollution department and other authorities framed by them time to time and would not impair the value or utility of the House and also abide the rules and regulations framed by the Electricity department. The owner/first party will not be responsible for any violation or theft if committed by the tenant in any manner whatsoever.

7.   That either party can vacate the said House by giving one month notice in written to the other party.

8.  That the water charges and electricity charges shall be paid by the tenant.

9.   That the second party will keep the tenanted House in good condition and tenant shall be responsible for all the minor repairs and repair for all the fix and fixtures, electric goods i.e. main switch, capacitor, electric meter and gate etc.

10. That the terms and condition of this agreement as stated above shall be binding on both parties. The terms and conditions are final and irrevocable.


In witnesses where of the parties have signed this agreement on the date month and year mentioned below in the presence of witnesses at _______.



                                                         FIRST PARTY/OWNER

           Smt. Suman                                                       


                                                  SECOND PARTY/TENANT

     Sh. Ravinder Kaushik





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