Mortgage Deed for Bank of Baroda




For Rs. 3372000/-

This Deed of mortgage is made on this 16th day of Jan 2014 between sh. Prahlad Singh __________________________ called the curators which expression shall  unless the context does not so admit include his/her/there, heirs executors, administrator, representatives and assigns) of the one part an BANK OF BRAODA a body corporate established and incorporated under the banking  companies ( acquisition and Transfer of Undertaking ) Act 1970 and having its Head Office at Mandi, Baroda( Gujrat) and amount others a branch office at Palwal District Palwal ( HR)hereinafter called “the Mortgagee” which expression shall unless repugnant to the context does not so admit include its successors and assigns) of the other part
And whereas the mortgagor(s) has/have requested the Mortgagee to grant for Term Loan (Poly house) Rs.3372000/- to  Shri. Prahlad  Singh _______________________ and the mortgagee has agreed to advance the sum of Rs. 3372000/- under the Term Loan (Poly house) of the mortgagee to shri Prahlad Singh ________________________ as per terms and conditions mentioned  below for agrl. Purpose.
And whereas the mortgagor (s) has/have agreed to mortgaged the said agrl. Land in favour of the mortgagor in consideration of the said Term Loan (Poly house) of Rs. 3372000 To shri.  Prahlad Singh _______________________.

The other conditions of the mortgage deed are as under:-

1- That the mortgagor(s) is/are the absolute owner/s of the aforesaid agrl. Land and is also in possession thereof together with all rights and easements of all kinds thereto and the mortgagor (s) is/are entitled to sell, transfer or alienate the said property.

2- That in consideration of sum of Rs. 3372000 Advanced /to be advanced by the mortgagee to shri. Prahlad Singh __________________ in the manner described in scheduled…B…attached and on the terms and conditions mentioned in the sanction letter. The mortgagor(s) hereby mortgage by  way of simple mortgage without possession the said land and also the construction and superstructure to be built thereon, more  particularly descried in the schedule marked A and as per plan attached there by transferring  and conveying he/her /their interest in the said property so mortgaged unto the mortgagee. The Mortgagor(s) Borrower(s) shri. Prahlad Singh Son __________________shall repay personally the Term Loan (Poly house) said sum of Rs. 3372000 with interest at the rate of 3% above Base Rate ( Base Rate Presently 10.25) hence applicable Rate 13.25 P.A. Per annum) (if subvention is provided ………….. on Poly house) with monthly rests from the date of advance to the mortgagor(s) until  repayment of realization in the manner as stated in part no……………(6) below. The mortgagor(s) borrower  agree with the mortgagee that in the  event of the not payment  or the sum accruing due from the mortgagor(s) borrower to mortgagee the said mortgagee shall be entitled to recover and realizes  its dues with interest under this presents together it the costs incurred by it in this behalf by sale  of the property hereby  mortgaged.

3-That the mortgagor (s) borrower(s) shall be personally liable to repay the amount of Term Loan (Poly house) remaining due from  them, in case the realization from the property mentioned above, false shout of the amount due to the mortgagee for the principal and interest accruing due under this Deed to the mortgagee for the principal  and interest accruing due under this deed to the mortgagee in addition to the personal  liability  of the mortgagor(s) borrower(s) herein provided in para …………….. in this para   the mortgagee shall be entitled to recover the amount of loan from other movable and immovable properties of the mortgagor(s)  and appropriate and adjust  and  other movable and immovable properties of the mortgagor(s) and appropriate and adjust the same towards the mortgage debt under theses presents.

4- That mortgagor(s) borrower (s) further agree(s) to keep the securities charged to the bank fully insured for its full market value of the mortgagor(s) Borrower(s) against risks or damage and loss, destruction by fire with the necessary banker clause and keep up such insurance until and amount due under this deed is paid in full to the mortgage. The costs of insurance shall be borne by the mortgagor(s) Borrower(s) in case the mortgagor(s) Borrower(s) fail(s) at any time to insure and pay the necessary premium, the bank may, but it will not be bound to insure the debit the costs of the premium to the mortgagor(s) Borrower(s) account. The amount of premium not paid to the bank will carry interest as at the rate of amount advanced and become a part of the principal amount.

5- That the mortgagor(s) Borrower(s) shall also continue to pay all rates and texts accruing due in respect of the said premises under any law or rule for the time being in force and perform all the terms and conditions of the  documents of title on which he/she/they/holds the land mortgage.

6-That the mortgaged has originally granted to the borrowers(s) the & Term Loan (Poly house) limit of Rs. 3372000/- for period of 84 month , subject to repayment on demand. In case of continues default, the ban reserves the right to recall the said advance facility at any time without assigning any reason.

7- That the mortgagee shall be entitled to recover and realize the outstanding dues and interest in the Term Loan (Poly house) A/C of shri. Prahlad Singh by sale of the mortgaged property and also  realizing rents and profits of premises, by entitled  to have a  receiver of the same  appointed through  court without, prejudice to bank’s rights to recover as provided in para no……… and ……above.

8-That the mortgagor(s) Borrower(s) have ensured the mortgagee that the said property is free from all encumbrances and that the mortgagor is/are entitled to convey the same by way of simple  mortgagor  unto the mortgagee.

9- That on payment of all the dues of the said mortgagor under their presents, the mortgage shall be bound to re-cover the said premises fee from all encumbrances to mortgagor(s) borrower(s) and execute Deed of Discharge, Transfer and every other writing in favor of the mortgagor (s) Borrower(s) at his/her /their expenses necessary for this purpose.

In witnesses whereof the parties to these presents have sit their hands on this 16 day Jan month 2014 years. 














                                            Mortgagor(s) Borrower(s)





The property stands in the name of shri.  Prahlad Singh _______________.


Term Loan  for (Poly house) Rs. 3372000 Sh. Prahlad Singh _______________________.

2- Repayment Period the Term Loan (Poly house) Limit of Rs. 3372000 is granted originally for a period 84 month  in case of continues default  by the Borrower (s) Mortgagor(s) the bank reserves the right to recall the  personal expenses any time without assigns any reason.


                                                Mortgagor (Borrower)




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