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BY THIS MEMORANDUM, I____________, R/o ______________, religion Muslim make known in writing that I of my Own free will without any compulsion or coercion from any one whomsoever, after having uttered the described formula of “TALAQ” do hereby, while in possession of all my faculties, good health, sound mind and understanding “TALAQ” I divorce my wife Smt. _________________ who is major of age, independent and intelligent by means of triple pronouncement of “TALAQ” “TALAQ” “TALAQ” or I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee, in the presence of Shri ________________ acting as Vakil and other witnesses given below who are man of good reputation and respectability and declare that I shall not be liable as husband according to the laws of Shariat. I shall also not bound to maintain, keep and look-after and perform and duties according to the said law as benefits a man towards his wife in future and further. As all the efforts of Panchayat and Biradari held/organized at a number of occasions and particularly on 7-1-2005 for reconciliation between me and Smt. _________ i.e. my wife have failed without any future chances, hence this TALAQ.

Declare, as I have fully understood the means of the “TALAQ”. Everyone present in this assembly of Muslim brothers has heard and understood on my intentionally and solemnly uttering the same. I divorce my wife ___________________ forever and render her haram for me since this pronouncement of “TALAQ”.


         I ______________________________ have this 3rd day of January in the year 2021 signed and delivered this TALAQNAMA in the presence of the said Vakil and the said witnesses present who have also signed and subscribed their signatures. THIS TALAQNAMA is read over to me in simple Hindi also.






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