What are the Different Types of Courts in India ?

Types of Courts in India ?

There are several types of courts in India, each with its own jurisdiction and areas of responsibility. They are:

  1. Supreme Court: The highest court of appeal and the final court of justice in India.

  2. High Courts: These are the highest courts in each state and union territory, and have the power to hear appeals from lower courts, as well as to issue writs for the protection of individual rights.

  3. District Courts: These are the principal courts of original jurisdiction in each district, and have the power to hear civil and criminal cases.

  4. Subordinate Courts: These include courts such as Civil Courts, Family Courts, Criminal Courts, and Revenue Courts, which are located at the district and taluka level.

  5. Specialized Courts: These include courts such as the Consumer Courts, the Labour Courts, and the Debt Recovery Tribunals, which are established to hear specific types of cases.

  6. Tribunals: These include administrative tribunals such as the Central Administrative Tribunal, and sector-specific tribunals such as the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

  7. Military Courts: These are the courts that have the jurisdiction to try offences committed by the members of the armed forces.

All these courts work together to ensure that justice is delivered to all citizens in a fair and efficient manner.

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