Affidavit for tubewell connection English | हलफनामा बोरवेल ट्यूबवेल लगवाने के लिए |


I, Dharmpal S/o Sh.  Ram Chand  R/o _____________________________, do hereby solemnly affirms and declare as under :_

1.       That the deponent is permanent resident of above noted address.

2.        That the deponent are four brother’s namely   _______________________.

3.       That the deponent and other three brothers have joint agricultural land in a joint khewat in the revenue estate of village ___________________.

4.       That the deponent and other three brothers have no electricity tube -well connection in their names.

5        That in case any brother out of four will get install a new electricity tube-well connection in that eventuality no body will make objection to install electricity tube-well connection in his name.


Verification :-

Verified that the all contents of above  noted affidavit are true and correct as per

my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein.

Date:                                                                                         Deponent

Place : 

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