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What Is Khewat number ?

The Khewat Number also known as Khata Number. The Khewat or Khata No. is an account number given to owners which create a set of co sharers who owns the land in same or different ratio. The Khewat numbers in the Jamabandies/Fard runs sequentially starting from 1 to 100 or more. A Khewat No. may get change in the next every four year of Jamabandi/Fard due to rearrangements that is same owners who were owners in some Khewat earlier may get another Khewat No. in next Jamabandi/Fard.

In shorts we can say that Khewat Number is a list of a owner’s entire landholding.

What is Khatauni Number ?

As Khewat No. refers to a list of owners, the khatuni number refers to a set of cultivators in the same sense. This khatoni number is given to the cultivators/Kashtkars in a Khewat and runs thereafter in the village starting from 1 to 100 and so son. Each Khewat will have at least one khatauni or more khatonies but will appear in a sequence within the Khewat and in the village.
The Khatauni No. if in one sense shows the cultivators/Kashtkars then in another sense will also show who are the persons who have the possession of the Khatauni consisting of various Khasras in the Khewat. In the same way as in case of Khewat/Khata where owner may sell, gift, mortgage, the same type of transactions also takes place in the Khatauni also.

In shorts we can say that Khatauni number is a document which hace details of about land holdings of cultivators.

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What is Khasra Number ?

The Khasra no. is a plot no. given to a specific piece of land in a village. Same way as one or more Khataunies form a Khewat, similarly one or more Khasra form a khatauni. The Khasra no. in a khatauni may or may not be mentioned sequentially once a khasra number has appeared in a khataui, it cannot figure in another Khatauni except in the case if Khasra is Min. But if it is min then it cannot repeat in the same Khatauni.

The Khasra numbers in a village are formed once settlement of village starts. The settlement officials take village as a whole\entire and on its map start from North-East and give number to each and every plot in each direction and reach to North-East direction again after giving no. to each plot in all the directions.

A Khasra no. may get split or divided in case of sale, gift, transfer of land during the mutation and is given a new no. with denominator. For example, because of mutation in a land, the Khasra No. 40 is divided into two parts then during mutation two division of this khasra no. i.e. 40/1 and 40/2 will be formed.

In shorts we can say that a Khasra number is a document which shows the number of measurement of area in jamabandi.

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