legal notice format to a hospital for medical negligence

Legal notice format to a hospital for medical negligence 


How to draft a legal notice in case of medical negligence by a hospital or doctor. 

The first and foremost step to bring an action against a Hospital or a doctor for medical negligence is to issue a legal notice. Such a notice must state the dispute of the complainant and state the reliefs being sought.

You can also file a criminal case against the hospital for medical negligence which carries an imprisonment of up to 2 years. Apart from this  you can also sue it to seek compensation for the medical negligence which resulted in the death of your daughter.

Only a court of law is competent to adjudicate the guilt of the hospital. The opinion of a board of directors along with the medical history of your daughter would be taken into consideration by the court.

You need to engage a lawyer to proceed. 

Here is the format of a legal notice issued to a doctor in case of medical negligence.

XYZ Advocate                                Mobile:- 980000000

New Delhi, _____Court

Seat No. 300.


Ref. NO….                                                             Dated :-  

Regst. Legal notice


              Dr. Sanjay Arora, (MBBS, M.S (Ophthalmology)

              ___________ Hospital, Delhi.

Sub :- Legal Notice

Sir, Under the instructions and on behalf of my client namely Mr. _____________, I do hereby serve you with the following legal notice as under :- 

1-   That my above said client was suffering from pain in his right eye along with eyesight problem and therefore my client visited the Hospital of you noticee for his eye checkup and where you noticee examined him and accordingly advised him to undergo surgery of his eye.

2-   That as per your advice, my above said client got admitted on dated 10-01-2021 in your hospital and an eye operation was performed by you noticee and after operation my client was discharged on the same day i.e on 10-01-2022. You noticee assured my client that he would get best facilities and service in the hospital.

3-   That after conducting the above said operation, you noticee also prescribed medicines on dated 10-01-2022, 12-01-2022 and my client took all the medicines as suggested by you noticee but did not find any improvement in the vision of his right eye. My client raised various complaint to you noticee and you noticee every time suggested to use the medicines regularly and assured that the vision would certainly improve.

4-   That after someday my client has completely lost his eye sight on which the operation was performed by you noticee and therefore my client got it cross checked at AIIMS, Delhi on 13-01-2022, where the doctor revealed that the operation was not properly performed by you noticee. Even after this my client approached other eye hospitals also but inspite of his best efforts my client could not save his right eye and lost the complete vision of the right eye which caused permanent disability to my client.

5-   That my client has spent huge amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- on his treatment, special diet, transportation etc. but due to deficiency in treatment and negligent conduct of you noticee, an irreparable damage has been done to my client which cannot be set off by any amount whatsoever. It is submitted that my client was earning handsome income before the said treatment and the entire family of my client was dependent upon home but due to permanent lost of vision the future of my client is ruined.

6- That in the light of the above said facts and circumstances and for the trauma and agony suffered by my client due to the above said deficiency in medical treatment provided by you noticee, my client is entitled to a compensation of Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rs. Ten Lac only) including the cost of treatment and losses incurred due to negligence of you noticee out of which Rs. 8,00,000/- has been assessed for causing permanent disability of right eye closing all opportunities for further employment of work and great difficulty in daily life and routine.

               I, through this notice, hereby call upon you to pay a sum of Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rs. Ten Lac Only) as compensation to my client on account of money spent on his treatment and for causing permanent eyesight loss, mental tension, agony within 15 days of receipt of this notice, failing which my client shall prosecute you in appropriate Court of law for your acts. I have further instructions to initiate legal proceedings against you noticee Criminal Act and Consumer Protection Act, at yours costs and risks.

Copy kept in my office for further reference.

                                                 (XYZ Advocate)


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