Application for calling status report from police station


                                                   State                Vs.                Abc

   FIR No. 02/2019

                US 304-B, 34 IPC 

                                                                                                                        P.S. : 

Application for calling the Status report of the above noted case from P.S. _____ and also be directed to arrest the accused persons.


               The applicant/complainant respectfully submits as under :- 

1.  That the above mentioned FIR has been lodged by the Police of P.S. _________ against the accused persons. 

2.  That the complainant gave statement to the investigating officer that my Cousin namely________ and his wife was forced and incited to commit suicide by his in-laws namely _______________etc. and they are real accused in this case. That due to unbearable harassment and torture of his in-laws my cousin and his wife took that step of their suicide. 

3. That after registration of the case the Police put the matter in dustbin and not conducted the investigation of the case. The Police has colluded with the accused persons and after registration of FIR the above said Police has not arrested any accused, many months have passed since registering the FIR against the accused persons but the police not arrested any accused person in this case. The accused persons are continuously threatening to face dire consequences to the complainant and his family members if he will not compromise with the accused persons.

4.  The applicant/complainant many times visited to the Police Station ________ for progress report or arresting the accused persons in this case, but the police gave no response to applicant. That the accused persons are freely roaming and they are threatening to kill the applicant/complainant or his family members.

                              It is, therefore, prayed that the progress report of the above noted case may kindly be called from the S.H.O. Police station __________ and also be directed to arrest the accused persons in this case, in the larger interest of justice



                                 Through Counsel 

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