Application for releasing Jamatalashi articles


     IN THE COURT OF_____________________________  

            State.                 Versus.                 Rafik 

             F.I. R. No. 

                  U/s- 302 IPC  


Application for releasing the Two Mobile Phone, One Wrist Watch, One Diary taken by the police of P.S ________________ in Jamatalashi during the arrest of applicant/accused 


  The applicant/accused most humbly submits as under :- 

1- That the above noted case is pending before this Hon’ble court and is fixed for today. 

2- That the police officials of P.S. ________ had taken the above said articles of the applicant/accused in Jamatalashi and now the same are in the custody of the police of P.S___________. 

3- That the investigation of the case has been completed and accused has been released on bail and the said articles are not more required for the investigation purpose in future.

                       It is therefore prayed that the above said articles of the applicant may kindly be released, in the interest of justice.



 Through Counsel

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